Sunday, September 18, 2011

Conversations with Avery

Avery talks nonstop. All day long. She will repeat her statement over and over again until we repeat it exactly back to her, and she often says what she wants us to ask her. For example, "Did you bring it to Mommy?", in which Luke would have to ask that exact question, so that she can answer yes or no in response.

Grayputer = computer

Eleanor was at first Helenor, then Eleanor until Titus came to visit, in which Baby Eleanor became Baby Titus for a few days. We've finally convinced her that our baby is Eleanor, and Titus is Mrs. Crystal's baby.

If Eleanor cries, Avery will run into our bedroom and say, "Baby, what happened?" She also waves frantically at her and yells, "Hi, Baby Eleanor!" I'm thinking Eleanor will be able to sleep through anything after a few weeks of Avery.

She also has such an active imagination, and a lot of times our conversations are centered around something she saw on Dora or Caillou or VeggieTales.

She negotiates. Usually for chocolate.

We're working on not whining. My parents started this seriously with her last time she went to visit, and now we can tell her, "Ask nicely" and she'll repeat that phrase back to us verbatim. Too funny! We're working on her responding with what she wants instead, with no whining and a "please" at the end.

She compliments us a lot, telling us we've done a great job or that something was a good idea.

Her bedtime routine is to let her turn her light off, then she'll climb her stool up onto her bed, super slowly of course, and then she'll slowly work her way towards her pillow. She then lies down, but her legs usually pop up in the air and slowly lower to the bed, where we then ask her if she wants this blanket, for all of her blankets (there are 3 large ones and 2 small ones), and she responds with "okay" after each question. However, she's started making weird noises in response to each blanket question, like blowing air, or grunting, or making a roaring sound. It varies. Sometimes she asks us to pray, sometimes we suggest it, and she'll hold out her little hand to hold. She then asks us to "close that door" and we tell each other "Night night. Sleep tight. Sweet dreams."

You never know what will come out of that girl's mouth! She is intrigued by the breast pump, and if I cover up, she'll lift up the shirt or blanket, demanding to see it. She then will tap on the pump and say, "It's stuck! It's stuck in the cup!" She also calls my boobs "bellies". At least she won't embarrass me in public, since people won't automatically associate belly with boob.

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