Friday, September 23, 2011

Eleanor, Week 2

2 weeks + 2 days

Our sweet tiny girl is 2 weeks old! We had a doctor appointment this morning - Eleanor had another newborn screen done, and Avery got a flu shot. Lots of needles and crying girls. Eleanor is quite strong and kicked the nurse when she was squeezing her little heel for the blood samples. Avery sobbed and said it "weally, weally hurt, Daddy!" but the gift of a Dora sticker made the tears magically disappear.

Eleanor is now weighing in at 8 lbs 3 oz (almost a pound more than birth weight, and an ounce heavier than Avery was at birth!), and they claim she's 21 3/4 inches, but I HIGHLY doubt that. Those length measurements are so inaccurate when trying to do them on a wiggly baby. Edit: I measured her at home and got 21".

We also ventured out to MOPS this morning after the appointment. Avery went to the children's museum with Luke, and Eleanor and I headed to the meeting. It was great to see old friends, and she slept the whole time. She also won me cupcakes because I was up the most the night before. Thanks, Eleanor!

She likes to cluster feed during the day, usually mid-morning. Our nights have started to trend towards feeding at midnight and every 3 hours after until 6:30 am or so. My favorite time is that last feed, because then I get to sleep in until 9ish, when she wakes up again, while Luke and Avery play and have breakfast.

She loves to be held. She prefers motion over laying still. She'll sleep for hours in your arms if you have the strength to let her. I try not to do that though - trying to find a happy medium between cuddling and letting her fall asleep on her own. Not worried about sleep training yet, but no sense in starting a bad habit now. I'm hoping she'll be a champion sleeper like Avery was.

She's still sweet-natured and quite the snugglebug. Still only cries for food or during a diaper change sometimes.

Luke's mom was here most of the week to help us with keeping up with the house, entertaining Avery, and to of course snuggle Eleanor. Luke's dad was also in the country (he's working in Africa right now) for a couple weeks, so he came down for 2 days to see the girls. We're so thankful for great family!

And, I forgot to take a pic today, so we'll do it tomorrow and pretend it was taken on time.

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Those heel sticks are the worst!!