Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Month of You

It has been quite the adjustment: two children, two daughters, not enough hands, crying children at the same time, sweet cuddles and sharing and kisses. Two in diapers. Same schedules for a day, then completely opposite schedules. Not enough sleep but also not as hard as I remembered.

You, sweet Eleanor, have increased the joy in our home. You bless us with the biggest smiles. You are starting to coo, when you're well-fed and relaxed. You love to be held, and we love to accommodate that request. Bath time is a favorite of yours; you become so calm when you're sitting in that warm water. You are a champion eater - at just a month old, you are more than 2 pounds above birth weight, giving you squishy cheeks and little rolls on your thighs. 

Avery is quite the devoted big sister. She loves to share her lovey with you, she watches out for you and lets us know when you're crying and "need something to drink". She rocks you in your carseat if you're upset. She is always asking if you're having fun or if you like something that she shows you. The second you wake up, she rushes over to say hi.

You are tiny and precious and these days are going by too fast. Don't grow up too quickly.

Eleanor at 1 month: 9 lbs 10 oz, 21.5"

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