Monday, January 09, 2012

Christmas Pictures

She wanted chocolate toast before opening her Christmas Eve gift, so we put last night's pj top on instead of her white dress. Love the tights, shoes, and purse. 

Since she was already half-dressed in pjs, she said, "Don't like to wear these!" to the Christmas jammies

Christmas morning - I love trees with white lights

the Santa hat gets pulled out every year, and whoever wears it passes out presents

Eleanor is so round these days, everything seems small on her

Daddy and Eleanor

from Avery's stocking - she LOVES nutella. These are little cookie sticks to dip into the Nutella

Eleanor spent most of Christmas morning swaddled and in the swing sleeping

her stocking stuffer

Avery likes to line everything up, and we had to play with each item as it was unwrapped. This made for a LONG morning. 

opening presents with Nonnie

Uncle Dane and Aunt Brittany

Merry Christmas to me! Thanks, Mom!

my sister Brittany painted this for us; absolutely love it and can't wait to get it framed

Eleanor got a Bla-Bla doll - we love these stuffed animals!
Avery's big gift was a train set, though somehow I didn't seem to get pictures of it, or I just can't find them among the hundred photos I took that morning. She loved it! She wanted it set up right away, and she played with it all morning until we had to leave for brunch at my grandparent's house. We put it up when we got back home, but we quickly became tired of having to step over it constantly to do laundry, so it's back in the box for now. So ready to have more space for her to play!

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