Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Meet Avery's Babies

Avery has been accumulating baby dolls over the past 3 years, given as gifts or passed down from me from when I was a little girl. The current total is up to 5, glad it's not more than that. She's never named any of her dolls or stuffed animals - they are all called baby or bear or bunny - so creative, right? Today I had her sit down and pick names for them, mostly for my own curiosity to see what she would come up with.

I'd like to introduce you to:






Each of these babies are down for naps. Molly was the lucky one who got to nurse before her nap.


EMU said...

Aww! Quite the assortment of names. Are they named after people she knows?

We've got quite the accumulation of baby dolls around here, too. After this last birthday Bop's up to 7, I think. You'd think with that many she's be willing to share one with her sister, but NO.

Where did you get the matching PJs??? We want some!

Meghann said...

They are! They're named after her oldest friends (you know, all of 3 years and all) and also after Molly and Flannery Brownfield from church. She loves those girls!

Meghann said...

Oh yeah...the pjs are from Target. Just One You by Carter's. It's a set of 4. On Mother's Day they wore the ones that said Good Morning Mommy. Oh how cute!!!! Eleanor is proudly sporting a 12 month size. Good gracious.

EMU said...

Haha. Lu is still wearing her 3 mo pjs! I'm looking for those pjs next time I'm at Target! :)