Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Conversations with Avery

This is an exhausting and funny age for her. She asks questions non-stop, and loves to play question games with us. It delights her to no end to have Luke ask her questions, any kind of questions, so she asks him, "Do you want to ask me some questions in my room?"

She will be in the middle of a conversation with me (really, when is she not?) and will shout out "green car" and then keep on going with her conversation. Not sure what the fascination with green cars is.

Plays doctor. It usually goes something like this:
"Hi, Mommy. I'm Dr. Bell (this is her actual pediatrician, btw). It's so nice to meet you! First, I need to check your heart. (listens with the stethoscope, somewhere near my heart, sort-of). Good. Your heart is good. Now I need to check your blood pressure. Help me, I can't put this on. Wait, I want to do it! I want to buckle (velcro) it! Ok, 123456789-10 (pumps it up). Your blood pressure is good. Now I need to check your temperature to see if you have a fever. (sticks thermometer in my ear and spins it). No fever. Now I have to reflex you. (hits my legs with the reflex-thingy, and sometimes it's hard enough to cause my reflexes to kick in regardless of where she taps it) Good, good. Now you need your medicine. (shakes out pretend pills and hands them to me). Ok, now I check your ears. (sticks the light in each ear). Good. Now it's time for your shot. Chuk-chuk (that's the sound it makes, obviously). You're all better!"

And, as she uses each tool from her doctor bag, she sets them aside. She also closes the bag after each tool she pulls out to use.

She plays with her babies and stuffed animals and is sometimes heard during naptime telling them, "Now, everyone GO. TO. SLEEP!" By the way, I don't yell that at her, although she does have some reminders on occasion. Her baby gets frequent naps during the day and can be found in a variety of locations. 

The other day, she asked Luke to help her with something, and he was too slow for her, so she said in a deep voice, "Come, child." 

Our new apartment has a coat closet in the entrance, in which we place our shoes. She has labeled this the "shoe pantry". Quite astute.

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Michelle said...

She and Finley should open a practice together.....they sound like similar doctors!