Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Musings

I'm borrowing from my friend Elisabeth and doing a random thoughts post, only Mondays work for me this week, so here are my musings, in no particular order.

  • I love having leftover cake in the house. Eating it when the girls are in bed with a big glass of milk is even better.
  • I like to think I'm good at putting together a home, but then my mom and sister come over and show me up. They ALWAYS do it better, and I'm ALWAYS happier with my home after they've worked their magic. They should go into business together.
  • A young child and a baby are a difficult combination. I'm sure not as difficult as multiple young children + babies, of course. But my duo - they are tag-teaming against me and the past year has not seemed to equip me for the storm that they are constantly brewing these past few days.
  • But then they smile and make you laugh and give you kisses, and you remember why your children are awesome.
  • I am not a DIY expert. I am not even a DIY amateur. 
  • I also love organizational items, but I don't necessarily love organizing. 
  • I am thankful that we don't have neighbors above us, but I am sorry for our downstairs neighbor, as he has to listen to Avery's jumping and bouncing and just plain loud walking. We're working on being respectful neighbors. She has a short attention span.
  • I have two drawers in my kitchen. TWO. That's it. They barely hold my cooking utensils. And neither one of them can hold our silverware tray. Or the actual silverware. Those are now hanging from the wall, thankyouverymuchIKEA. Whoever designed this kitchen doesn't cook in real life. 
  • Our new washer and dryer plays a delightful tune when the cycle finishes. Eventually, though, it may have to go. It's almost too chipper.
  • Eleanor is a screamer. This grates on my ears. I still love her to pieces. How do you teach them not to?
  • I learned how to make bao (Chinese baked or steamed buns filled with meat, usually) on Friday, thanks to my friend Leslie and her mom, and now this is a very dangerous skill to have, since I can put away half a dozen in one sitting if I didn't limit myself. Don't judge. 
  • My nephew came to play today while his momma helped me organize my home. The boppy pillow and cover, another pillow cover, AND the couch cushion cover are now in the wash. The floor blanket is next. 
  • He is the CUTEST little thing ever, and I am so glad he's back from Michigan! We were so used to having him here to play with every day and missed him sorely for the past 6 weeks. He's now sitting and rolling over and has the best, biggest belly laughs.
  • My car has been parked since Friday afternoon. The battery died, and it was in a spot that made it impossible to jump unless the guy next to us moved his car. He did not for the entire weekend. We borrowed a portable jumper on Sunday, which wasn't strong enough for some reason, and as Luke was messing with it, the guy who was in the way all weekend showed up and jumped the battery for us. Nice timing! The car subsequently died 10 minutes later and has been parked since then, this time in an accessible location at least. 
  • I miss my automatic sliding doors.
  • We got rid of our TV, since we don't pay for cable, rarely watch it, and don't have room for it. I am regretting this decision now because of the summer Olympics. Ergh.
  • I think Eleanor had a case of the Mondays today.
  • I got home from church, changed my clothes, and realized that I had a large split smack dab down the center seat of my skirt. This is not the first wardrobe malfunction I've had this year either. Easter Sunday the strap of my dress broke, and I have no idea if it happened before or after I stood in front of the entire congregation for Eleanor's baptism. It definitely happened before I spent 5 minutes talking with one of the elders. I pray pray pray that I'm not walking around flashing the church members certain members of my own body. Goodness. 

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EMU said...

I've thought about changing my TTs to Monday Musings a gozillion time because I like the name better, but Mondays never seem to work for me! :)