Saturday, July 07, 2012

Tiny Ballerina

I mentioned before that we enrolled Avery in a summer ballet class, for the month of June, and I don't know who loved it more, me or her. She loved dressing up and wearing her tap shoes (it was more of a creative movement class), and I loved watching her try something new and have fun at it.

I took her to the first and last class, and Luke got to enjoy watching her for the middle two classes (I was sick two weeks in a row). Her first class was a nightmare, so much so that I thought they might not let her back in. They decided to split the class and put the 3 year olds by themselves on a different night, so it ended up just being three little girls total, and it was perfect! Avery got the attention she needed, and because the class was SO small, she didn't distract too much from the other students' time with the teacher. I think we'll enroll again in the fall, but I'd like to find a morning class and a different studio. Then, if she doesn't like it after a year, we'll try something new.

checking herself out on her first day


her favorite part of dance class was the coloring books outside of the studio. perhaps I  chose the wrong fine art to enroll her in?

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