Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Musings

Had a really great day with the girls, after a really long night with Eleanor - she woke up at 1:30 and we were up for the next hour. Have no idea why. Teeth? Sinus issues? So we cuddled in the rocker for 30 minutes until I felt her body go limp, and then I layed her down in the pack n play in our bathroom, praying praying that she would stay asleep.

Dance class and lunch at home, good naps, then early dinner at home followed by ice cream at Chick-fil-a because we had a toy to turn in for free ice cream, then a quick run through Target. Eleanor fought going down for some reason, I think she was hungry, so I got her back up, gave her a snack, and then Luke and I tucked the girls in at the same time with a story.

Wrote down some GOALS for this fall. It's high time I'm more intentional with our days.

  • Starting quiet time with Avery - she journals next to me while I do my morning devotional. I set my clock for 10 minutes, because that's all the focus she has unless it's Dora. We'll gradually increase this over time, but for now, shorter is better. Her journaling consists of colored scribbles on multiple pages. We're going to go through journals very quickly at this rate! Eventually I'll have her color something specific or actually write in it (when she learns to write). Again, the object lesson is FOCUS. Can this wiggle-worm sit still for 10 minutes?
  • Start rising before the girls, instead of with the girls. It's hard, because they are technically awake before seven and want up if they hear any noise going on outside their room. Living in an apartment makes it difficult to do anything in the kitchen (like make the necessary coffee) without disturbing them. I'll have to settle for quiet time in my room without coffee. 

  • Preschool-lite with Avery. I was supposed to start after Labor Day. It's still technically after Labor Day, right? Just pushed back a bit. Tuesdays and Thursdays will be short lessons with her, to help teach her focus, to work on learning some Bible stories, to read new books, etc. Nothing too strenuous - it's more of a chance for me to see if homeschooling is in our future, because this past year has really made me re-evaluate where we are headed in terms of a lot of things. I always thought I'd homeschool, but now I'm struggling with that decision. School is such a hard choice, and there are opinions from all different camps, which I won't get into here because I'm just not that brave on the web. What I've learned this year, though, is that sometimes it's okay to let go of what we thought was best and to rest in what God is working in us. Perhaps we'll still end up where I thought we would. But this is my year to really pray and seek God's wisdom in this.
  • Find a hobby. I'd love to take guitar lessons, but I need a guitar first. I have grand visions of running a half-marathon, but my track record (ha!) for exercise is not great. But, I am seriously considering this, possibly one for mid-spring. 
And some random tidbits:
Avery loves bubble baths these days. I need to find some kid bubble bath because she's going through my favorite scent way too quickly. 

Avery announced to everyone, "Welcome to Chick-fil-a!" when we were sitting down at our table tonight. 

My vegetarian/vegan friends will rejoice - I love tofu. I make a lot of vegetarian dishes at home now. Way more fun than messing with meat in my kitchen. Still not fully converted. Please send your favorite recipes my way!!

Round Top is two weeks away. I am SO DARN EXCITED. I even get to go twice that week, once with the girls and once without. 


EMU said...

Run the Bearathon with me in March! :)

Round Top? I wanna go!

Meghann said...

The Bearathon goes through Cameron has HILLS. No way man! I read somewhere it's one of the hardest half-marathons. Is that accurate?

I'll email you in case you don't see this comment.

Kristen said...

i've always wanted to go to round top! how fun.