Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Monday Musings (on Tuesday)

You know it's Monday when Eleanor puts something in the toilet that doesn't belong there. Today it was her snazzy pink shoes.

Monday also brings dance class, and the new studio has more space for Eleanor to walk around and more space for the moms to sit and talk. Really enjoying this one hour of our week.

Avery is doing so well with listening to her teachers, following instructions, and focusing in class.

Our home is a disaster. We've been out of town on 3 separate occasions over the past 2 weeks, and we barely have time to recover from one trip before we're packing for another. I have exactly 8 days before we leave for Thanksgiving, so it's a flurry of activity trying to get everything unpacked, washed, and re-packed all amidst purging the extra junk that has piled up and the regular life activities of the week.


Eleanor loves post-bath naked time. She runs around with just the hooded towel flying out behind her and squeals with laughter as we chase her.

I'll throw in a couple Avery-isms, too.
We saw a "hiccup" truck on the road yesterday.
"Break-dancing is much more cool. Check this out." And then...she break-dances. (She's quoting from Angelina Ballerina.)
Her dance teacher couldn't find a CD she wanted, so she asked Avery if she took it. Avery didn't even miss a beat, responding with, "Yes, I did!" So Ms. Sarah asked Avery to return it, and Avery pretended to toss it back to her and exclaimed, "There, I gave her her music back!" Ha!
"I just want to focus on eating right now."

an old photo, from a month or two ago, but just the right amount of cuteness to perk me up

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