Friday, January 25, 2013

January Days at Home

In no particular order, a glimpse into our days this month. Lots of playing and relaxing at home, trying to stay healthy. Busy days sprinkled throughout. Sweet girls. Thankful for this family.
first thing. 

Saturday date with Avery. 

I love this girl and her sense of style. 
"Take a picture of me dancing!"

thug life

first ponytail

I can't believe Mom locked me in here!

Pretty, please, Mommy, let me out?

Ugh, she's just not getting how desperately I
(Avery wanted to finish her puzzle, and Eleanor was getting in the way, little-sister style.)

picnics in the living room

playing Shoe Store

sister snuggles

Friday night is movie night at our home. 

Hiding, so "Eleanor won't tear the pages." 

mustache disappears!

post-nap snack. she squats so well.

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