Friday, March 29, 2013

Conversations with Avery (and Eleanor!)

On our way to Bible study on Wednesday, Avery and I had a discussion about sin and Easter and what that means for us. I was trying to define sin for her, and she promptly told me, "I sinned on the floor on the carpet at church." I'm not certain what that meant? Perhaps I need to keep working on this concept. :)

Avery jokes around with us more and more. She had the perfect set-up a few weeks ago:
Avery: "Daddy, did you know that Mommy is so pretty?"
D: "Yes."
A: "Did you know that Mommy is so sweet?" (goes on to include "so nice" and "has nice hair")
D: "Yes."
A: "Did you know that Eleanor is so sweet?"
D: "Yes."
A: "Daddy, did you know that you're a poopy face?"

Hahahaha. Oh man. She really set him up for that one. (And what is it with kids and poop?)

Eleanor, who is a girl of few words these days (she's too busy being mischievous and testing her mobility in new ways), still manages to have funny little conversations with us. She responds with yes and no head nods, says a few words, and communicates remarkably well without actually speaking to us. She'll babble something to us, but it's totally indiscernible at this point.

At lunch today, Eleanor threw her tomatoes on the ground. I looked at her, asked her, "Where should our food go?" (meaning, where should it stay - on the tray), to which she looked right at me, pointed to the ground, and said "Down there." Whoa. Try getting upset at that. Ha.

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