Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kitchen - Before and After

I have zero aspirations to becoming a design blog, or a food blog, or an anything blog. But I would like a record of life, so enjoy the photos I'll put up periodically as we tweak our new house. First up, the kitchen. The house had the original, standard, builder-grade oak cabinets. Boring. Thankfully, I have the BEST mother-in-law a gal could ask for, so she graciously came to visit for two weeks and we worked our tails off painting the cabinets. She refinishes furniture on a whim, or paints doors or muds a bathroom all in an afternoon. She's tireless and fabulous, and she has all the know-how. I'll get to the how-to in the next post, showing you how we took a kitchen from this:

boring oak cabinets, and even with the immense amounts of natural light, it felt heavy.  All decor/furniture is the previous homeowner's.


(Hi, Momma!)

to this:

(you'll notice that the island was missing a door - the hinge broke when we tried to re-install the door, but it's since been replaced)
BIG transformation, and only with paint and new hardware. Items left on the kitchen to-do list:

  • fix the hole in the pantry door, and possibly hang a chalkboard on the door as well
  • change the pendant lights above the bar
  • paint the walls in the kitchen
  • possibly replace the faucet in the future
  • update the dishwasher
  • put a vented microwave above the stove (?) to free up counter-space
  • lay tile in the pantry, because right now it's carpeted. EEW.


Michelle said...

Awesome, that is impressive! I hope you're loving it!

Kristen said...

so impressed!! can't wait for your "how to" post!
p.s. can i borrow your MIL?

Kathryn said...

I looks FANTASTIC!!! Did you spread out on all the counter tops in a hedonistic celebration of all the space? Ok, good. I wouldn't have either.... It's beautiful.