Monday, June 03, 2013

More Four!

We celebrated simply this year - no party, but a whole lot of fun. We started the day with breakfast and balloons and flowers. Our good friends the Ueckers drove in from Waco to spend the day with Avery in honor of her birthday. We took them out to the Faerie trail at the Zilker Botanical Gardens, and the girls happily skipped from fairy house to fairy house, checking to see if any fairies were home. After the gardens we rode the Zilker Zephyr and played for hours at the playground, enjoying a picnic lunch and some gooey, melty cupcakes. Thank you, sweet friends, for coming to celebrate with us!!

Impossible to get a decent photo with these 4 girls

Mine are stuffing their faces, Sally is putting in a good effort, and Annie must have had a rock in her shoe.

Say what?!

On the hunt

Looks like Annie has spotted the first house!

Wait, is that a fairy?

Eleanor loved the blue signs - she had to touch every single one, even if she had to knock the fairy house out of the way to get to it. Yikes.

I think she said she was building an HUV. (HEB)

Sally: Well, come on. Stop taking so many photos. We've got houses to see.

sweet Annie


I adore this photo. And notice that she switched shoes with Avery. 

Adios, folks! 
The day ended with dinner (chocolate chip pancakes, Avery's request), presents and cake at home with Daddy.

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Kelly Mann said...

Eleanor looks so much like her daddy, but I totally saw michelle and grayson in that photo of her turning around!! :)