Saturday, October 12, 2013

Avery at 4.5

Four was a hard transition for us. Six months later, we are in a better rhythm and I'm really enjoying this age now. I mean, I enjoy ALL the days. Every single one of them. :)

Avery started preschool in September, and a month later, she is still loving it. She wishes she could go every single day, and she has nothing but positive things to say about her time there. I am a big fan of her teacher who picked up on the fact that Avery has started reading (just a little bit - no novels here) and has asked how she can help support that outside of the class. Avery isn't as verbose on what goes on during the school day as she was at the beginning, but throughout the week she'll throw out some random fact that could only have come from school, so I know she's absorbing something at least. And hopefully she's not talking too much.

She and Eleanor love love love to play games together. All day long they are involved in some kind of make-believe, with Avery as the ringleader. I love seeing their friendship develop.

They still fight over toys and personal space, too, but it's become less of an issue in the past couple of months.

More and more I see fruit from training and prayers, and it's a sweet gift to watch her learn kindness and generosity. She's always been tender-hearted, but to see it extend to others is a true treat. Her energy is huge, so teaching her to be calm and considerate of others can be difficult. She is joyful and has a big personality. I pray that she will continue to live life joyfully and vibrantly and never lose that.

She loves to have something to snuggle with, so losing the lovey a few months ago was so sad; thankfully, she has gravitated towards whatever strikes her fancy that night, usually her kitty, though I've seen her curled around a book or a cup also. And this afternoon, she actually fell asleep during her quiet time. I went in to wake her, to which she replied, "I'm still tired. Will you snuggle with me?" Gladly, sweet girl, gladly.

She overheard me singing a lullaby to Eleanor one evening when she wouldn't settle down, so now every single night she asks me to sing the same song to her. It's become a wonderful ritual after storytime and prayers.

She still loves to dance. We've taken a break from ballet for the time being, but I am hoping to resume after Christmas.

She says she wants to be an artist when she grows up, and to paint faces. She loves to draw and color, and eventually I'll be the fun mom that pulls out real paint and glitter and other messy things. Maybe.

She is still a picky eater, and if she could eat only foods that belong with ketchup, she'd be one happy camper. However, she also thinks anything can be eaten with ketchup, so sometimes this is how we get vegetables down her. Fruit never has to be forced, thankfully.

After bath, if Luke helps them get ready for bed, he always warns the girls, "No monkey business!" Monkey business then ensues, of course, which involves lots of jumping on the bed and giggling.

Even when she doesn't nap, which is most days, she still takes forever to fall asleep, sometimes an hour or longer. She will sit and read in her bed quietly, though sometimes we catch her up and trying on her dress-up clothes.

And some favorites quotes from the past few months:

Daddy, why do my tears not fly off like an airplane? But on tv, those tears fly off like an airplane. (this one's a bit of a mystery)

Daddy, would you like to talk to me all the way to Nana's house?

Taco Bell isn't a very awesome place. (Must be because I craved bean burritos with green sauce during my pregnancy with her.)

She threw a huge tantrum a couple weeks back over only receiving 5 marshmallows (she wanted 10, because "5 is not my favorite number). She then chose zero marshmallows by her attitude which spiraled down into a complete and utter meltdown. We talked through it with her, and she voluntarily apologized for yelling at us and having a bad attitude and agreed that next time she would ask nicely. First thing the next morning, she came in and asked us, "May I have some marshmallows please? I just want 5 because yesterday I had a bad attitude so I think I'm good with just 5."  (Seriously, is she only 4?!)  Luke surprised her with some extras..."You gave me 11!" (HUGE grin)

Whew. I have to go potty from all that learning. (upon coming home from school)

We just adore our sweet Avery-girl!

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