Monday, June 09, 2014

2 Months

At two months old, Mr. Jack:

Weight: 12 lbs 14.6 oz (50-75%)
Height:  23.5" (75%)
Head Circ: 16" (90%)

  • rewards us with the biggest smiles for paying even the slightest bit of attention to him
  • is cooing
  • has very good head control - he can hold it up for a long time and look around
  • hates tummy time
  • has begun to notice the mirror on his swing
  • is mesmerized by the ceiling fan
  • adores his big sisters and loves when they shower him with attention
  • seems to be feeling better tummy-wise and only has an occasional bad day now
  • has completely stopped the projectile vomiting
  • is sleeping so.much.better at night - I'm getting 6-7 hour stretches people!!! Generally we are up once in the night since he nurses frequently til 11 pm and then is down for the next 6 hours or so. At 2 months 3 days he went to bed at 7:30 and I didn't see him again til 1:30, which is the same amount of time slept but means I'm up in the night more since he did his long stretch early. However, this is the trend that I want - our girls always went to bed early and then we could enjoy the rest of the evening, and I'm happy to see that Jack is beginning to follow suit. 
  • naps pretty well. He is still in that sleepy stage where he dozes throughout the day, but he is developing a routine where he'll wake between 5 and 6 am, eat, go right back to sleep til about 8:30, is up for awhile, naps, etc. He tends to take a long nap in the afternoon while the girls are having their rest time.
  • once he hit about 6 weeks, we turned a corner on all of the difficulties we were having with sleeping/eating constantly/tummy troubles and he's been such an easy-going baby since then. 
  • still loves to be held, but I can lay him down and he'll put himself to sleep. We snuggle a lot in the evenings just because I like to and don't get to as much during the day when the girls are running around
  • is doing better in the carseat and is usually pretty happy unless he's starving
  • doesn't like to hang out in the carseat (stroller) unless it's moving
  • loves the sling, any sling. He falls asleep almost instantly. 
  • refuses the pacifier, which I'm oddly thankful for. Avery took it until three months, Eleanor finally broke the habit a few months ago, and Jack doesn't like it at all. 
  • went on his first and second road trips, both to Houston - once for Mother's Day/family get-together, and again on a quick trip to see my grandma who was in the hospital.
We adore our little Jack!
And, from the past month:

a lot of time spent sleeping on mommy

first grocery shopping trip with all 3 kids

playing the girls' favorite game: night-night

playdate with the Rains. I remember Skyler as a tiny baby, and now he is holding my tiny baby

Nana came back for a day to bring us a loveseat and a piano

Avery's preschool graduation

He's just so happy!!

Jack and cousin Miles

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