Saturday, June 14, 2014

Silly Song Spectacular

Avery's preschool put on a spring program where all of the classes went up and sang the silly songs they had been learning all year in music class. Luke was able to come and he took some video of it; Avery spent the whole time looking over at him and giggling while singing her songs. She wasn't nearly as boisterous as I've seen her act in dance class, and by the end of it she was rubbing her eyes and barely able to keep up (she had a late night before, and she hates loud noises, so I think some of this was her trying to not be shy/nervous/scared). She dressed for the occasion, including fancy earrings, and per her teacher's request, her hair was brushed. Let me explain that one: Avery hates getting her hair brushed, and she's recently decided that hair accessories are no longer fun, so by the time she gets to school, her hair is a mess again. I made her pull her hair back for the performance and we sprayed it down.

The super short version of the program:

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