Monday, June 09, 2014

Week 2

Jack's second week started with a visit from Aunt Michelle, Uncle Nick, and the boys. We were so glad to have them here for the day!

Miles and Jack are exactly 3 months apart, almost to the minute, so we of course had to get photos of them side by side.

 For some reason, we never got a full family photo at the hospital, much to my dismay upon realizing that, so we finally attempted to get one while Michelle and Nick were here. Not a single good shot, but it's certainly real life! At least in this first photo we are all looking at the camera. The next shot - these girl children just can't sit still and focus.

 Lots of bouncing and giggling among the older cousins, followed by another photo shoot to get pics of them together. Notice how successful we were at that.

Yes, Avery is putting her finger in Grayson's ear.
The day ended with a bath for Gray and Eleanor. Grayson was getting ready for bed before the long drive home, and Eleanor stripped down and hopped in with him. She also wasn't familiar with *ahem* boy parts, so when he climbed into the tub, she gave him the strangest look and then told him to "sit down!" Hahahaha.

Thank you for coming to visit us!

More from week 2:

just a diaper change, but I love the tiny little foot peeking above the edge of the bassinet

My mom was here for week 2 - hallelujah!
Jack's first trip out, apart from a visit to the doctor. We went to Mighty Fine for lunch.
 Nonnie visited Sunday through Friday (Good Friday) and left when Luke got home from work. We absolutely loved having her here for the week and wish she could have stayed longer. I cried when she drove away. It's hard not being in the same town as my mom sometimes. We had the weekend without any visitors at the start of Jack's third week. Week 3 brought us Nana!

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