Friday, July 24, 2015

Catching Up

We celebrated Avery's 6th birthday, Jack's first birthday, Easter, Mother's Day, my birthday, our 10th wedding anniversary (!) the last day of kindergarten, and Father's Day over a two-month time frame.

May had record rainfalls plus many tornado warnings. Avery was a little stressed. Eleanor was just happy to have a cookie.

happier with a helmet on

Avery won the Science Award this year!

Avery treated me to a spa day, but we quickly moved indoors due to mosquitoes.

Last formal day of school (kinder)

Last day of school.

Our 10th anniversary. Luke had someone recreate the top tier of our wedding cake (different flavor inside), plus bought me my wedding flowers. I cried. A lot.

Also, this blog feels forced now, and my time is short. It's great to have a record of our days, but I'm feeling the need to find something that requires less planning, less time at the computer, and something I can just jot down quickly. I love long stories, but I don't know that this is the space to share them anymore. I'm not sure how I'll document our family life in the future. Right now Instagram is doing a good job of capturing the snippets of daily life, and all of my favorite photos end up there these days. I know I'll want a more extensive record, but I think something more private is in order for that kind of journaling now that Avery is in school. The blog will hang around, since I want to capture all of this in a couple books. If anyone has other ideas on how to document life (that isn't paper scrapbooking), send them my way.

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