Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bake Bake Bake

I've got just a few more days alone at the bakery - S. comes back next week. I'm so thankful that this time is almost up, but I've really enjoyed it also. It's helped me see just how much hard work is involved in running a business by yourself.

Here's a rundown of how my week went:

Monday, call from both RBG and another coffeehouse asking for 4.5 dozen cookies, and a couple dozen biscotti and chocolate covered macaroons, since the ones I had delivered last Thursday were gone already. Delivered them that afternoon, after frantically baking. I'm glad people are buying the cookies, but I didn't realize how much easier it is when two of us are doing it! I spent all last week baking as well.

Tuesday - spent 8 hours icing 150 french macaroons and then putting them ever so carefully into small boxes. Those things are so fragile! On top of that, I had to package 150 pieces of fudge, then make everything look pretty with ribbons and such and deliver it to an ad agency downtown.

Wednesday - finally had some time to develop my own recipes for some recipe contests I'm entering this month, ran errands, tried to do laundry and failed to finish it, found tons of stuff to put in the garage sale this weekend and priced it all. Also did a lot of Curves emails. Only day I had to myself this week, and I didn't even get to relax.

Thursday - baked 7 dozen cookies for RBG

Thursday at 4:30 - done, I'm exhausted, but I still have to finish getting ready for the garage sale, pick Luke up from work soon, cook dinner and finish that laundry I tried to do earlier in the week.

Friday (tomorrow) - more work on the garage sale, more development of recipes (they're due Monday!), hopefully no more orders for the bakery, help Brian move his stuff into the other half of our duplex, drive to Houston and price more stuff there for the garage sale. Then come straight back to Austin Saturday afternoon in case any calls come in for the bakery.

Just imagine if I was trying to do this with kids! We're almost at 2 years of marriage, which is when a lot of our friends started to have babies. We are so not ready for that. I'm too selfish with my time.

I love my job though! It'll be so nice to have S. back, but this has to be the coolest job ever. And people love you even more when you tell them you work for a bakery.

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diane said...

sounds fun and busy, what contests are you entering?