Thursday, April 26, 2007

Potential 3rd Job

So the title of this post makes it seem as if I do nothing but work work work, and that Luke and I are so destitute that he makes his wife work 3 jobs. Ha! You are so mistaken. Ok, maybe not about the money, as we could always use extra money to pay off my wonderful, expensive Baylor education, and it's been tight since we moved to Austin. But with 2, and potentially 3 jobs, I still have more down time than you can imagine. I average about 3-5 hours a week doing diet emails for Curves, and then 10-20 hours with Luxe (usually closer to 10).

Enough of that...let's talk about this new possibility. There is a great little grocery store in downtown Austin that we supply cookies to on a weekly basis. The owner of this store has called my boss at the bakery to see if we could all work out a deal where I work for him at the grocery store one day a week. This is so random! But I love how the Lord has provided me with these jobs to help Luke and I pay off my school debt and put the rest into savings for whatever the future holds. I am going down there tomorrow to meet with the owner to see if this is a good fit for both of us, and if I want to take on more shifts at a later date, etc.

Now when I say little grocery store, I mean little. This isn't like working at Whole Foods or HEB - this is a downtown-y neighborhood store, where a lot of office workers stop by on their lunch breaks. The people there are great! And I wasn't looking for another job, but somehow God saw it fit to bring this opportunity my way. Yay God!

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