Thursday, November 29, 2007

We Made It

Luke and I arrived in NYC this morning after an uneventful flight (my favorite kind). In Houston, we held the line up at security because we had the max allowance for carry-on baggage, meaning we had to push about 8 tubs through the x-ray scanner. At baggage claim in New York, we had 4 suitcases, 2 laptops, a duffel bag, and a small carry-on bag, plus I was holding boots and a down coat. We got stares from many people at the airport when we finally got a cart loaded down with everything, and I heard people whisper that we had "an awful lot of luggage". Yes, of course we had a lot of luggage - we're moving here!

Because of all of the luggage, a lady thought we might be an easy target for scalping on cab fare. She said she had a van taxi...did we want it...asked her how much, and for a 20 minute ride to Brooklyn, she was charging us double. I politely told her absolutely not and kept walking. I might look silly with my overpacking, but I'm not stupid.

So, right now I'm sitting in Yen's apartment, waiting for Luke to finish his work for the day so we can go grab dinner and head over to our interview for the apartment. I'm a little nervous about this! But, God has brought us this far, so I don't doubt that he'll provide a place to live. I'll give updates again when we get more settled.

And, exciting news - we got tickets to see Andrew Bird in concert tomorrow night. Not the greatest seats, but we'll be there at least. Our first New York experience. Unless of course we decide to go to the Christmas tree at Rockefeller tonight.

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