Saturday, December 01, 2007

Settled, Sort of

We are officially in our new apartment. It's in Manhattan, not too far from the culinary institute where I'll be attending. The apartment is "cozy", but we love it so far. Thankfully we have an elevator, otherwise I don't know how we'd get future furniture up to our apartment. I keep thinking of the Friends episode where Ross gets a new couch, and has a diagram drawn and keeps shouting "Pivot!" as they are moving it upstairs.

The walls are super thin, so we can hear everything that goes on next door. Hopefully the neighbor won't be home much. It also worries me that everyone else nearby can hear my conversations, etc. Guess I better not gossip!

We made a trip out to Ikea today. They offer a free charter bus ride to the Ikea in New Jersey, which was great. Our goal was to get a sofa-bed, but that didn't quite pan out, because the delivery fee just made it not worth the price. We'll look around near the apartment and see what we can find. And I've learned that Luke and I just can't shop at Ikea together - it's always the most stressful experience ever. Too many decisions, and he goes one way with taste, and I also choose the opposite. He's more minimalist, while I tend towards a if-you-can-find-it-at-Anthropologie-I'm-going-to-love-it style.

So we ended up back home with dishes, and that's it. Still no furniture. I'll take a picture of the current status of our apartment and post it tomorrow. We have an air mattress that we packed in our suitcase. That's it. I feel like a squatter in my own home.

Made it to the Andrew Bird concert last night - AMAZING! This guy is absolutely incredible, and I highly recommend that you check him out. He has a band that plays with him, but many of his songs are a one-man act. He has a machine that records what he plays, and then he switches it on to a playback mode, and it repeats whatever he just recorded, while he moves on to a different melody. It all comes together to form beautiful, harmonious sounds. I always enjoy listening to good violinists, as I used to play (not well), and this guy can whistle better than anyone I know.

Molly the dog is coming tomorrow! We pick her up at the airport tomorrow afternoon. I really hope she doesn't freak out on the plane. Poor girl. We've really missed her these past two months.

Keep checking back for pics. I can't find the cable right now.


Jeremiah said...

I'm glad you made it to NYC, and your new apartment!!! Amanda and I will keep checking for photos so find that cable! lol


diane said...

I am so jealous! What an amazing experience you two are going to have in New York. So glad you made it there. And I am definitely with you on the Anthropoligie look. Luke may have to start swaying your opinions by resiting these magic words when you are shopping at Ikea, "This looks like it came from Anthropologie," when he sees something he likes.

Your so lucky to get to go to the NYC store.

Can't wait to see photos!