Thursday, December 27, 2007


I went to Barnes tonight and Trader Joes (the grocer) afterwards. I read a comic book about angels and demons, putting new twists with modern morals on ancient stories. Guilty pleasure - I'm an escapist when I read. Anyways, coming back home from Trader Joes I walked past a restaurant that's popular with the young. There was a group of them lounging outside of the restaurant, leaning against the metal poles that support the makeshift awnings which are all over the sidewalks in New York. I'm a first blush judge and at first blush it was evident that, despite being in the Mecca of the American lifestyle and despite having the funds to enjoy themselves, they were still bored. New York is rife with pleasing stimuli but I think the human psyche instinctively normalizes it's perceptions of great and bland like the cornea adjusting to the light.

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