Friday, December 28, 2007

Making acquaintances

We went out tonight with friends (acquaintances, really). That's a first for NY. We did dinner (Thai food) and a bar (3 Steps). The bar was predictably loud, which is bad because I have a terrible time distinguishing sounds. But it was also low key. Not too many people there, no smoke, no gross displays of sexuality. Oddly enough, it seems like we're having an easier time making connections in New York than we did in Austin. It took us months in Austin to build the rudimentary ties we have already. I credit three things with our societal good tidings: close proximity to neighbors, free and valuable offerings (pastries) and Meghann being engaged full time in a community of like minded people. Speaking of pastries, Meghann did a wonderful thing today. She bartered away her pastries for a fresh baked baguette. Heavenly.

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