Thursday, December 06, 2007

Our New Home

Our boxes came today via UPS!!! It took them two trips to get all 13 boxes up to us - I'm sure they were thankful that our building has an elevator, since we're on the tenth floor.

The rest of the boxes are in the kitchen right now (not pictured). Most everything will stay in boxes until Saturday, when we can make it back to Ikea to get our shelving unit. But one thing was unpacked right away...the computer!

There are a ton of coffeeshops around here, and a Starbucks on (almost) every corner, but we have a new favorite. For less than $3, we can both get a cup.

We woke up Saturday morning with snow covering the ground. It was so exciting! I've always loved snow, and it made the cold more bearable - like there was a purpose for the cold. It didn't stay long, but it was fun while it lasted. I zoomed in on the pic below, and you can actually see all of the points of the snowflakes in my hair and on my coat. How awesome God is for creating the tiniest details!

Our favorite place to get falafel sandwiches in our neighborhood.

Since we have minimal storage space here, I didn't bring any Christmas decorations, which makes me quite sad. I LOVE Christmas time. I was in the need of some Christmas spirit, so I took a short train ride to see the tree at Rockefeller. As soon as I stepped out of the subway station, it started snowing, and Christmas music was playing somewhere. It was exactly what I needed!


babelouise said...

Nice tablecloth you have there! My mum had one when I was little. She only used it for Thanksgiving! I found one on eBay after we started having Thanksgiving at our house!
Nice blog, by the way!

Maegan said...

I'm so happy you for you. It looks like you are already enjoying NY so much!