Thursday, January 03, 2008

More New Year's Eve fun

So Luke posted a funny video that we took in the subway on the way home New Year's's on YouTube, but that was taken courtesy of Luke. This crazy guy was playing drums and a few girls decided to be his backup band...quite funny. We missed the train, which was running REALLY slowly that late at night, and had to walk home. At least we were already in Manhattan, and not still out in Brooklyn.

We spent our evening with new friends Kathryn and Ben...Kathryn is a fellow classmate, and Ben is her boyfriend, visiting from the Chicago area. Prospect Park in Brooklyn put on a great fireworks display, so we rang in the New Year there, as opposed to the wildness of Times Square. Mom calls me an old lady because I don't like crowds.

Lost my Metro Card (worth a full month, which I had for all of 3 days) somewhere on the streets of Brooklyn, so Luke and I spent 45 minutes retracing our steps. By the grace of God I found it, only to find out later that they'll replace that kind of card if you paid by credit card. C'est la vie.

Today we reached a high of 25 degrees - I'm sure everyone back in Texas is wondering how we're surviving this. We've actually grown quite accustomed to the cold, and have learned to layer layer layer. When I left for school this morning, it was 14 degrees outside, making it a VERY fast walk to the subway station, with a stop at Starbucks for hot tea on the way.

There are some mornings, like today, where I become so astounded, and even more thankful, that we're actually here in NYC. At seven in the morning, the streets are really quiet...this is my favorite time of day here. I know you don't move to this city for peace and quiet, but down in Soho, where the school is, the buildings are so old and beautiful, and I'm able to really take it all in and appreciate this experience when the hustle and bustle isn't in the way.

We miss you all! Come visit us soon so we can share our favorite spots with you.

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