Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Meeting More Family

We traveled to Houston this weekend so more family could meet Avery. I was a nervous wreck on the road - it was raining and there were so many bad drivers (or perhaps I was just more paranoid). But, we made it there safely and had a great time!

When the grandparents are around, Avery spends very little time alone and a lot of time in someone's arms. She's giving huge smiles to Grandpa, but he's the only one who gets them. Luke and I are still trying. I just wish I had a picture of that!
Aunt Lela was a saint, and rocked her at 3 in the morning when we failed to get her to go back to sleep.
Mam-ma (Great-Mam-ma?) was a huge hit with Avery, and pretty soon she'll tell Avery the story of Foot, Foot Foot, and Foot Foot Foot. I can't remember how this goes for the life of me, but it was a favorite of mine apparently during diaper changes.
meeting my dad

Avery and Great-Aunt JoLynn

cousin Emily didn't want to let go of her

Cousin Peyton

inspecting Avery's feet

Great-Grandpa sang to her and calmed her down

4 Generations

And, after a long weekend of visiting relatives, there is nothing better than cuddling with Daddy.

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