Friday, May 15, 2009

6 Weeks!

The past month and a half has absolutely flown by. Everyone says that the first 6 weeks is simply about surviving - we've survived, and I think we've done quite well.

Some of her milestones:
Avery started smiling at 3 1/2 weeks, but only at her Granddaddy.
At 4 weeks, she was smiling at the rest of us.
On Mother's Day, she tracked people for the first time, turning her head to follow them when they walked past her.
She's starting to coo and talk to us in the past week.

Our milestones as parents:
We've mastered cloth diapering, and it's really not that much extra work.
We're faster at diapering, getting them on before she pees everywhere.
I've mastered advanced nursing holds, where I can get up and answer the door (only did that for my mother, not the mailman!) or answer the phone while keeping her latched on. Hurray!
We successfully made a 2 hour car trip to Houston, twice, with Avery, without hyperventilating (okay, I might have a little bit the first time, but those drivers out there are reckless!)
We're functioning on tiny bits of sleep - perhaps we aren't always presentable in dress or smell, but we're up and moving.

Some new favorite photos from the past few weeks:
Her first week at home - how precious is that grin?

Me, Gramma, Avery, Mom

This is what having a newborn does to new dads - allows them to sleep anywhere, even on hardwood floors.

My friend Kathryn flew down from Chicago to meet her.

Luke was sick last week, so he was minimizing contact with Avery. I have a video below of this. He was trying to put her paci back in her mouth.

First tummy time

This is how she looked after the ordeal of our car getting towed, lugging her around in 90 degrees trying to find a bus to get home, then finally being rescued by a friend. She never woke up.

This morning - she's getting so big!

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Kim said...

She's a sweetie! We are looking forward to meeting Avery!!!!!!!