Sunday, July 05, 2009

Busy Summer

So much to catch up on! Avery went on her first road trip to New Orleans for her Uncle Aaron's wedding. She did so well on the long drive, sleeping most of the time, and I came prepared with a couple bottles so we didn't have to stop much. She partied all weekend and was just a peach - no fussing or complaining about the strange schedule she was required to keep.

Avery fell asleep at the rehearsal dinner, held at Emeril's Delmonico. Yum!!

The wedding was so much fun! We danced to an Elvis song all wearing Elvis wigs (pics to come of this hopefully), and then we had a Second Line, which is a parade through the city complete with brass band and police escorts. We were cheered on by hundreds of onlookers.

While in New Orleans, we enjoyed a very hot day in the French Quarter, partaking in beignets at Cafe du Monde.
Luke's mom and Grandma

Brother-in-law Errol and sweet Emily

Our niece Peyton munching on a beignet

Avery had milk, of course.

Luke's grandparents - aren't they cute?!

We also had a family reunion over the 4th, and of course Avery showed off her patriotism.

With my sister, Michelle. We missed you Bri!!
(More pics to come from the reunion weekend)

Avery turned 3 months old on July 2nd!! She is such a cute, squirmy little thing. She met sweet Katy at the reunion, born 3 weeks after her.

Baby legwarmers are all the rage.
We have a Sip-n-See shower this coming weekend for Avery, and then in 2 weeks we're headed to Austin for another wedding. Good times all around!

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Julie R. Denning said...

New Orleans looks so fun. Never heard of a wedding parade, that is so cool.

I should have paraded around the pavillion and made everyone follow me. I so did not take enough advantage of that day.

Per your list of accomplishments in the next 1001 days i/ we would like to help with the following...

1,4,50 (I know More? Milk? yes/no and potty),55 (a 2 hour photoshop lesson will be a breeze for you) 57 (One in Tomball!)59,75,83,86 (I say South Padre in November is actually gorgeous and affordable! You can rent a house for decent a block from the beach)