Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Per request, here is what I've purchased so far based on my lovely inspiration board. I took some liberties with some of the items, like a couple of the accessories because I either couldn't find them in the store, or I found something I liked better. For instance, the ring...I love how girlie this one is. The shorts...I own a few pairs of nice bermuda shorts, so I went for something a little more casual, in the cropped denim pair from the Gap. The purple shirt shown is the same style, but the wrong color purple from what I actually purchased in the store. Mine is a deep, rich, royal purple. Love it. I could still use some new sandals, and I saw some at Gap that I liked a lot, but they weren't on sale, so I'm waiting. I really like the dress from the inspiration board, but I need to make another trip out shopping, and that's hard to do these days.

**I did learn that the prices on Shopstyle aren't accurate - I found better deals in the stores, and the prices didn't always match up online. Weird.

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