Monday, December 14, 2009


It's halfway through December already - can you believe it?

Avery had a doctor appointment last week for shots, and she weighs in at a little over 18 lbs. We thought her first tooth was popping up, but I'm not so sure now. She's such a late teether, which is a blessing with nursing, but makes me wonder if there are any teeth in there at all!

We enjoyed a "snow day" last week, complete with a few flurries. The cousins had enough to build a couple snowmen though, lucky them.

Not sure how the hat works. But she's cute anyways.

Avery got to sit on (country) Santa's lap - I like the John Deere tractor in the background.

She isn't crawling yet, but she's managed every other possible maneuver to get to her toys. For the longest time she'd only push herself backwards or turn in circles, but just this week she's figured out that her arms can pull her forward as well. She'll wriggle towards her book (she'll only work for this one book...the other toys aren't as exciting I guess) and then lay there and "read" it for awhile, until I pull the book away and make her practice again.

She can get up on her hands and knees and rock back and forth, but she doesn't move from that position yet. And her latest move looks like a yoga position. 


Now that she's figuring out her mobility, nothing is safe. For instance, ribbon (I've been wrapping Christmas presents):

Or presents:

She is just SO fun.

The heater was blowing her hair straight up.



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Maegan said...

She is so cute!