Monday, December 14, 2009

Thanksgiving Trip

I have just NOT been in the mood to blog - sorry it's been awhile! We traveled to Louisiana for Thanksgiving, to the "ancestral homeland" as Luke calls it. His grandparents live out there, and that's where his parents will eventually retire. Not much to do except eat and play Monopoly, both of which I'm a champ at. We had a great time visiting with family, but Avery was not enjoying being away from home AT ALL. We cut our trip short because we couldn't take one more sleepless night, and I'm sure his grandparents were thankful for the quiet. Avery has officially reached "stranger anxiety" - not that Luke's family are strangers, but they aren't Mom, and she was having none of it. It's sweet to know that I'm (one of) her favorite(s), but sometimes a gal needs a break. She decided that she didn't like the Pack 'n Play after all. She prefers her bed. She would hug her bed if she could. See?

Despite the cold weather, she loved being outside, which was a big shock to me, simply because this girl has always hated being cold. I think outdoors just has a bigger draw on her than temperature, so she'll suffer hours of cold weather if it means she's not cooped up in the house. So, Avery swung with Nana, and even fell asleep for a matter of 3 minutes on her lap (which never ever happens...see comment about her bed above).

And Avery "helped" the men chop firewood.

While Emily rode the tractor:

She "helped" me play Monopoly (and beat the pants off of everyone else) .

Here's Uncle Aaron and the girls frying up the turkey (I'd never had fried turkey before)

And Avery and Aunt Lela

We cut the trip short by a day and headed back home. I think it'll be awhile before we do any major traveling with Avery.


Maegan said...

Oh, I know your pain. We have had many trips like that. Quick question- where did you get Avery's top she is wearing in the first pic in her bed? It is so cute.

Meghann said...

I got it at Target over the summer. I think it's their brand (Circo). It's actually a dress, but got all bunched up while she was sleeping. :)