Friday, January 08, 2010

2009: A Review in Pictures

1. pg craving of Indian food 2. baby shower 3. fat fingers caused new (fake) bling 4. cupcakes didn't help the fat fingers 5. 38 weeks
6. minutes old 7. c-section 8. precious 9. meeting her great-grandparents 10. four generations
11. lovely K came for a visit, we took her to Chick-fil-A 12. new glorious ice cream machine 13. lemon fro-yo in the making 14. early smiles 15. stylish lady
16. first swim 17. beignets in New Orleans 18. sunhat 19. slip 'n slide 20. three months
21. diapers on the line 22. tummy time dissatisfaction 23. homemade danishes 24. sitting up! 25. first solids
26. homemade baby food 27. a little propaganda 28. helping Pap-paw 29. silly face 30. Christmas card '09
31. snow day 32. country Santa 33. Christmas Eve jammies 34. bows on head (which you can't see in the pic) 35. new piano

I was going to re-do this collage through a site recommended by a friend (thanks Diane and Julie!), but after moving, I don't have the time or energy to upload the pics again. So, you don't get to click on the tiny photos. But I labeled them.

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Maegan said...

I love your collage! And I was glad you asked the question, as I didn't know where to make the collages either. So glad you got moved! Let us know how settling in goes.