Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back in the Austin area

The move is over! We all survived, but it took Avery a few days to adjust to a new place. Her top teeth are coming in (so so slowly), so she has been super grumpy this week. Naptime was interesting - she usually takes 3 naps a day, although the first one seems to just be a continuation of sleeping at night, broken only by the intense need to eat something first. She's adjusted, I think, and the teeth aren't bothering her as much, so the past couple days have been better.

With the chaos that comes with moving, I've failed to get many pics of the girl lately. There are a ton on the good camera, back in Houston, which I'll need to upload next time I'm there. But I did manage to get a couple of her this week as I was unpacking.

So what is our 9 month old up to these days?

  • army-crawling -- the second Luke walks in the door from work, she's crawling as fast as she can to him. It is just too cute!
  • she loves strings and necklaces

  • she also loves anything electronic...phones, remotes, computers, keyboards...nothing is safe
  • practicing pulling up -- she'll only do it if she can grab onto our hands. She doesn't try and pull up on the furniture yet.

  • she has 2 teeth on the bottom, but the top ones should show up soon. She tried a teething biscuit this week and fell in love. She also figured out what her teeth are for this week. She bites her puff cereal in half now, and it crunches. She looked so pleased with herself when she figured that out.

  • her next doctor's appointment has been pushed back to 10 months, back in Houston, for a well-baby and for shots. We're doing an alternative vaccination schedule, so we go more often than most but she only gets 1-2 shots at a time. I'm so curious to know her stats now!
  • after her one year doctor visit, we'll switch back to her first doctor here in Austin. We really love her first doctor so much, but we don't want to mess with the shot schedule any more than we already are at this point, so we'll keep with the current one for now.

  • while I was unpacking, she found the extra parts to her bottles. I heard this suck-suck sound and turned around to see her sucking on the nipple of the bottle, with no bottle attached. She kept taking it out to look at it, trying to figure out what was wrong with it.

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