Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Peek-a-boo and Playgroup

Well hello there Avery!! I see you peeking from behind that door.

Avery has discovered the door to her bedroom. She loves to open and close it, over and over again. Sometimes it shuts all the way, and she'll let out a little cry for me to come help her out. She also discovered the door stopper, and I'll hear it going thump-thump-thump for 5 minutes straight. Or I used to...she figured out how to take it off the wall, so now it's been put up.

She also noticed her baby doll for the first time this week. She pats her head and pokes her and then bangs her head into the cradle. We'll have to teach Avery about gentleness.

We've also joined a new mom's group at our church - I've noticed that a few of the gals have been calling it smAll Saints (so cute, right?!). The group started up right around the time we moved to Houston, but now that we're back in Austin, Avery and I finally get to attend and make some new friends. We had a blast today and are so grateful for this new blessing in our lives. Avery gets tickled pink when she's around other babies and just talked up a storm. She's not a huge screamer, but apparently other babies bring it out of her. I pray that over the years we will both make some dear friends from this wonderful group.

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diane said...

what a cutie! So fun that you have a group like that. I hope it will be such a blessing for you two.