Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cookie Monster

 Why hello, you yummy banana whoopie pie!

I was working on some new recipes the other day, and taking photos for future use, and along came my little cookie monster. I'll often give her a taste of my creations because I like to hear her go "Mmm-mmm", but it's rare that she actually gets to enjoy a whole cookie. I'm working hard on instilling those good eating habits. So, she decided to just help herself this time as I was busy taking pictures and had my hands full with the camera.
Wait a minute, I see the cookie monster approaching. 
 If I can't see Mom, then Mom can't see me touching this cookie.
 Almost. Have. It.
Ha, oh yes. 
(Mind you, the pictures slow this process way way down...don't let her cuteness fool you -she's quite fast.)
 I'm just gonna lick it, Mom.
 Oh yes. Delish.

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