Wednesday, June 02, 2010

May 2010

What a busy month! I'm so behind on posting pictures, again. We did some traveling to visit family around the middle of the month - first to Houston for Mother's Day to celebrate with my mom, and then the following weekend for the huge paintball tournament at Luke's grandparents house in Louisiana. The boys and Luke's sister Haley played for two solid days, although much of the time on the first day was spent finding the perfect place and calibrating the guns, or something like that. I watched from a distance and kept my cool in the AC of the house.
At Grandmommy's house, sporting some new pigtails. They lasted about ten minutes, and we haven't tried it since then. She's too wiggly.

We of course forgot to take the camera to Louisiana, so no pictures or video of Avery mastering her walking...after two weekends in the country with lots of room to roam, she figured it out and just took off. She was DONE with crawling.

We also had a great playdate with Avery's friend Hadley and her sweet mom Kim. We love Hadley!! She was zonked out on her mom's shoulder upon arrival but quickly woke up and gave us a winning smile. Avery is used to running around with kids a bit older than her, so it was interesting to see how she would behave. She only tried to step on Hadley once (so sorry Hadley!) They decided to pass the paci-clips back and forth for awhile; as always, what someone else has is infinitely more interesting. It was great to spend some one-on-one time with Kim, as it's hard to wrangle all of the kids together in larger groups and still get to visit.

Memorial Day weekend we spent a quiet weekend at home. I was able to get out of the house one morning and do some much-needed shopping for a much-needed wardrobe pick-me-up. After church and nap on Sunday we ventured out to a new splash park not too far from home, and Avery LOVED it. That might be an understatement. Memorial Day - cooked dinner, had a friend over, Avery was a toot, and she promptly went to bed at 6:15. She was done with us, we were done with her. 13 hours of sleep later, we all woke up in better moods and she and I started June off happily.

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