Tuesday, June 15, 2010

14 Months (as of 2 weeks ago)

I forgot to put these pictures up, of Avery at 14 months. This is pre-mullet, when she had enough hair to pin back. Sigh.

And I honestly can't remember if I gave any details on her. So let's do this (again?):

Mealtimes are a challenge - most things end up on the floor. I'm waiting for the day for her to be hungry enough that she'll just eat whatever is there, because there certainly isn't much going into the tummy. She seems to graze more now. Toddlers are tough!

She has 8 teeth.

When she wakes up in the morning, she has to have a cup of milk before anything. Even a diaper change.

To get our attention, she bounces while pulling on our clothes. It's really cute.

Still no new words apart from daddy, mama, eye, and sometimes banana. But she does babble all day long, and she knows where her nose is. We've been working on other parts, but she isn't really interested in sitting still long enough.

She is fully walking and will fight to get out of your arms to walk anywhere we are. She refuses to hold our hand. She wants to be fully independent, as long as she can still see us. Which means, yes, we're still suffering from separation anxiety. I think we've managed to beat everyone in this department - we're going on 5 or 6 months now.

Summer has been busy so far, but really nice. My parents took Avery for a weekend so we could celebrate our 5th anniversary. We enjoyed the view after a tiny hike up Mt. Bonnell, went out to eat a few times, caught a movie, slept a lot. It was so nice to have some time to ourselves, but we missed our girl so much! We spent more time talking about her than anything else over the course of the weekend.


Maegan said...

Kyrie still cries when I leave....the room. Is that separation anxiety?

Meghann said...

Maybe! Hopefully she'll outgrow that soon - it's so hard on us as moms when they seem so sad. I keep praying that Avery will outgrow it. We pray together before each nursery visit, and I think it's helping. And at her age, she must be wondering why her mom is talking with her eyes closed like a crazy person. :)