Saturday, June 26, 2010

Swim Lessons and Father's Day Weekend

We just finished up two weeks of swim lessons - Avery loved being in the water, as long as we were actually doing something. She didn't understand the importance of reaching for a toy underwater and was quickly bored. Once we finally got to the underwater lesson, though, she had a blast. She would kick and splash and bump as we geared up for the big dunk as we swam to the wall. Now that I'm comfortable submerging my child underwater, I won't pay for swim lessons again for her or any subsequent children until they're at least 3, where they really learn how to swim. Before then it's simply get-the-mom-used-to-this lessons. On the last day of class family members were allowed in to take pictures and video of their tots. Avery loved having her daddy to show off for.

We then headed to Houston to visit with Luke's parents for Father's Day weekend. Avery tends to get a little overwhelmed around a lot of people, so it's always an interesting time when the whole family gets together. But, she pulled herself together and had fun sitting at the kids table with her cousins.
Peyton was ever-ready with a goofy face for the camera while Emily refused to look at the camera. Avery is also showing off her new plate - I highly recommend this. She doesn't yet realize that the white tray in the center lifts out, plus she wouldn't be able to lift it since it's hard to get a grip on. The blue mat part is heavy and non-skid. We finally found something that she can't toss on the floor. Now to get her to learn not to toss the food out of the plate. She's also graduated to her own big kid table at home - no more highchair! She sits on a little bench that has a high back and high sides. This is so much easier to clean, as our heirloom high chair had a ton of nooks and crannies that she liked to hide food in. Yuck.

And look who learned how to drink from a straw on Father's Day!

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