Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Did you know there are only 94 days left til Christmas?! I know. Panic time.

After Christmas last year, I was browsing and came across this. Luke and I had been talking about how to make Christmas meaningful for our children, and how to not make presents the emphasis of the holiday. Presents are fun, we all love them, but we wanted our kids to grow up with a healthier perspective on the holiday. And we both are trying to simplify life in general, focusing less on the material things (which is a daily battle for me sometimes). We want to implement traditions that celebrate Christ, and while I am still brainstorming how to best do that, I have at least decided that I want to start doing what the above link suggests as far as gift-giving goes.

So, I'm coming up with 4 things for Avery.

We will still do stockings, because that's our favorite part (or at least my favorite part). I'm still debating whether or not to do a Santa gift. We'll probably lean that way, but I might lump it in with the Want category. Christmas Eve we always give pajamas, a tradition that started when I was a kid because my mom wanted us to have nice looking pjs for pictures on Christmas morning.

So off I go on my hunt for the perfect little gifts for my Avery girl. I've got a few ideas brewing.

A quiet book for Read - I'll be sewing this over the next couple months
New fluffy diapers for Need (although we could be potty training not too long after Christmas, so I might change this).
Felt food (made by me, hopefully) and dishes for her play kitchen for Want
A darling modern dollhouse found at a children's resale shop months ago - Santa gift (because I already had it)

I'm excited about this new challenge - I think it will be good for all of us as the years go by.


EMU said...

I love ideas of ways to make xmas easier -- thanks for sharing!

diane said...

I love this idea, I think we tried to incorporate it last year, but I can't remember. I will blame that on having a new baby and having too little sleep!

Thanks for the heads up on Christmas, it sounds like you are making progress.