Sunday, October 03, 2010

Going to the Chapel

We traveled to Houston last weekend for my dad's wedding, in which I did a reading and each of my sisters sang. Just to brag on them a bit - they are incredible singers - it's so great to see the gifts God has given them and how they are using them well. Love those girls.

Congrats Dad and Angela!

We had a blast at the reception, and Avery charmed everybody with her sense of style by sporting her latest fashion trend, the headband, and her amazing dancing skills. She also tried to catch the lights on the floor from the disco ball. Luke wowed everybody with his "superman" - turns out white boys can dance, sort of. :) They at least have fun trying.
Aunt Victoria and Avery
dancing with Daddy
she carried Aunt Michelle's purse around ALL night
staring at the disco ball
Dad and Mam-maw

I also made the groom's cake - I'm hyper-critical of my work, especially since I don't tend to do highly decorated cakes. Makes me all kinds of nervous. I prefer a good homestyle goopy-frosting cake. But, people have been requesting pictures, so I'm going to be vulnerable and put a couple on here.

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Jeremiah said...

Meg, I think your Mikveh Scrolls cake turned out awesome!! - Uncle