Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Happy 1/2 Birthday!

We celebrated Avery's 1/2 birthday with some new friends, enjoying cake and 1 1/2 candles (and no pictures on our own camera). This is Avery at 18 months:

-22 lbs 14.5 oz (25-50%), 32.65" tall (75-90%)...she's taking after her Daddy. Dr. B says she's a "really healthy toddler!!"

-loves shoes of any kind, but especially Mommy's heels. They are usually on the wrong feet, and she only wears one at a time.
-still fascinated by books, and is often found reading to herself in her room
-says anywhere from 20-30 words, with new ones popping up daily. Sometimes I can hear a word that no one else would, so does it really count? At least I know what she's trying to tell me. This month we added: toash (toast), fish (for goldfish crackers), cookie (for graham crackers...not sure I've ever said cookie around her, and I think she's only ever had a couple bites of one in her entire life) fau-wa (flower), button (or a variation of it), kiki (kitty), meow, bath, Nana, pease (please), toes, boom!, moo, pee-bo (peekaboo), choo-choo + short phrases - Hi Mommy, Hi Daddy, Bye-Bye Mommy, Bye-Bye Daddy, no no no no
-is trying really hard to say bracelet and necklace and breakfast (almost got it!)
-recognizes chin and belly (as opposed to just the bellybutton)
-signs "eat" regularly now
-is fully taking one nap a day, from about 1 to 3 or 4 pm.
-recognizes friends and family and playmates, and is super excited to see them and very sad to leave them
-is really into her babydoll, and pushes her in the stroller more, instead of those chip clips
-has started sucking her finger at non-sleepy times, which is a little frustrating
-still cries when we drop her off at the nursery, but calms down quickly and even seems to have fun while she's there
-is still a cheese and fruit lover, and that's about it.
-is very girly, loving anything jewelry, purse, or shoe related. She has a bracelet of mine that she puts on while we're in the car
-recognizes objects and says the word when she sees something or hears the noise
-gives kisses anytime you ask, but will tell you "no" if she's not in the mood

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