Monday, February 21, 2011

Aunt Dell

Aunt Dell (Michelle) is VERY popular with Avery - she asks about her all the time, and I think she'd choose Aunt Dell over me some days.

Today we had lunch with Aunt Dell up at her school. We got there a few minutes early and walked into her boys' choir class, which meant all chaos broke loose and they were unruly the last ten minutes. Oops! They kept yelling, "It's a baby!" and Avery ran around and helped Aunt Dell play the keyboard and entertain the boys. She would run back into the office to see me, and then run back out again to yell "Hi!", which sent the crew all into a fit of giggles again. 

Aunt Dell is on the right, directing her boys' choir. Avery's head is barely peeking over the table, as she was trying to get to the piano.

trying to capture these pics without distracting the boys further

Aunt Dell's fridge was very popular...please notice the chicken nugget on the shelf. I think it was still there when we left.

Thanks, Aunt Dell, for letting us interrupt your class today!

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