Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Brrrr, Cooooold!

When Avery asks to go outside this week, I say no, it's too cold, and I get "brrrrr, cooooold" in response from her.

We have done TONS of laundry and dishes while ignoring everything else as we bum around the house together. I've had a few days where I feel awful, so it was a lot of Veggie-tales on those days, but this week has been better, so I try and distract her from her "mu-mu" (movie) as much as possible. Her new favorite thing is to sit and rock with me while I sing (poor child must be tone-deaf if she likes my singing). She always asks for more when I finish a song, and if we're just sitting down playing and she wants me to sing, she'll say "more". I'm trying to teach her the word "sing" instead.

We have read so many books this week, and her patience for them has increased substantially. She has always loved books, but her attention span has been so short. We're able to get through an entire Dr. Suess story (some of them are long!), and then she still asks for more.

Luke has been working 16 hour days all week, and he worked most of the weekend and late every night last week as well. Apart from 30 minutes spread over the past two mornings, I haven't seen him since Sunday. It's been a hard week all around, being cooped up inside with only the boring Mommy to play with (Daddy is the best at games), and Luke is exhausted. My parents are awesome and are taking Avery for a few days next week so we can rest and catch up with each other.

Oh! And look at me go - I remembered to do a monthly post on her actual month-birthday. Today marks 22 months.

She has a gazillion teeth and loves to brush them.
She always asks for a bow in her hair, but it disappears within 5 minutes. Every. Single. Time.
I refuse to cut her hair; we're going through an extended awkward stage until it's long all around.
She will sit and read through a picture book of all of our family members, and she can name almost all of them, though she has a bit of trouble with the extended fam still.
She talks all day. A guy at Target asked me a couple weeks ago if she always talked that much.
Her bear and her baby have to sleep with her everynight, and when we cuddle, or leave the room, they have to come to.
She is fascinated by the trash can; thankfully it has a lock on it. She will tell me "ucky" as she opens it.
She likes to help me unload the dishwasher - I let her put the silverware away, and then I reorganize it.
She is so responsive to requests (if they interest her). She seems to understand so much more than I expect.
She is a master at jumping! She loves to jump and dance.
She cried the first time we left her in the nursery at church after the holidays, but since then we've had no problem. She just walks right in, and we don't usually have to pull the lovie out anymore.

While the week seems to drag, it's been so fun having tons of cuddle time with my girl. I am so thankful for the sweetness she brings to each day.

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Maegan said...

Long work hours are so hard! Hang in there. And enjoy your upcoming time with Luke!