Sunday, February 06, 2011

Accountability Checklist

Since Avery is gone for the week to visit her grandparents, my goal is to get a ton of stuff done around the apartment; it's hard to keep a place picked up, or really get into projects, when your toddler is constantly raiding your closet for shoes and purses to add to her pile of toys.

A cute quick update from the grandparents - they kept Avery in the service with them, and when she got restless as the sermon was starting, Granddad quietly left with her. But, as they were walking out, she yelled "Bye, Nonnie!", and thanks to the acoustics in the sanctuary, everyone now knows who Nonnie is. Love that girl. And apparently there was a bully on the playground, but she learned his name and kept telling him to excuse her ("me me!") Polite, even when frustrated.

So, my list:

  • Work on decorating the dollhouse
    • finish painting the furniture
    • flooring and walls
  • Finish the alphabet blocks
  • Simplify paperwork in the house
  • Continue adding to the donation pile
  • Deep cleaning of the apartment, with the more chemical work left for Luke (yay pregnancy!)
  • Sew the valentine's postcards for her mailbox (pics will come later)
  • Make valentine's for her playgroup party
  • Make it to the gym at least 3x this week
  • Cook dinner nightly
Wish me luck!

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Maegan said...

You can do it!