Monday, March 07, 2011


Here's a peek into Avery's room these days. We're doing a minorly major overhaul on it to make room for Baby No. 2, meaning, it's time for Meghann to clear all of the crud off of the floor to make it more Avery-friendly, and, we have to fit another bed in there. Oh the joys of living responsibly and staying in this apartment for now.

Stay tuned for the after photos this afternoon, since I can't get in to take pics while Avery is napping.

This is also not at it's cleanest, because Avery kept coming behind me to pull stuff out to play with.

This is the photo to take note of. We made some changes to this wall in a big-for-us way.

I'm including this only to be fully, vulnerably, open. We have a lot of stuff crammed into her closet.  I'm hoping to put the tubs into storage somewhere (Mom?!) so we can move the wagon into the closet. 

To the left when you walk in the room - her book and toy storage. She's (finally) getting the dollhouse for her birthday, so the top will be cleared off, and the dollhouse will reside up here when she's not playing with it.

The right wall when looking into the room. Her new bed will go along this wall.

This was a Round Top find! This will go under the window, where the tee-pee is now.

Her current, and for the next as-many-months-as-I-can-make-her-stay, bed. View from the doorway.

Tee-pee will be folded back up, and the chair will go in it's place. There used to be a glider here, but we moved it into our room for late-night nursing sessions with Little Baby Brother/Sister.

Inspired by my friend Diane, I've been collecting lampshades to hang from the ceiling. Luke doesn't understand the vision, nor does he wish to hang these. They'll be stripped of their shades and simply be wire frames hung by pretty ribbon. I think I'll nix the square shade in favor of odd numbers and similar shapes. Oh, and new curtains, hopefully.

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Maegan said...

ooh, can't wait to see the afters! great round top find!