Saturday, March 05, 2011

Some Really Awful Photography (with A Really Cute Girl)

Sometimes you have to snap the photo quickly, to catch her in action. This often results in really terrible pictures. But, I still love them, because they tell a story.

Today's first story is about what a big helper Avery is. While I worked on unloading groceries, she decided to help me unload the dishwasher. Her job is to put the silverware back in the drawer, though sometimes we have to make sure that she isn't emptying the dirty dishes. If she is, we tell her that those forks still need a bath, so they have to go back in the dishwasher - she seems to understand that concept just fine. She managed to catch clean dishes this time, thankfully. She can barely see into the drawer, even on tiptoes, so they all just get dumped over the side.

She decided she was all done, because she couldn't get that spatula out, so she shut the door and moved onto something else.

"All done, Mommy. Picture?"

end result - we rushed out the door before I had a chance to look in the drawer, so I had a good chuckle that evening when preparing dinner.

The following photo: we got back really late Sunday night from our trip to Houston. I set Avery down on the floor so I could get her pajamas, and I came back to find her asleep in the same spot I left her.

And these photos: she didn't know I was watching her play dress-up - she had decked herself out in her hat and purse and jewels.

"Oh, hi!"

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