Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Play Kitchen Wall - After

Finally, done decorating those shelves. For now. I'm still tweaking them, and that top shelf simply has placeholder photos for now - we might move some of the stuffed animals up there later. But they are up, and darn if that top shelf doesn't look a little crooked. We'll just say it's the ceiling.

3 shelves added, plus the picture hanger above the stove
top 2 shelves, detail. the two photos up top were taken of me and my sister Michelle when we were little, by my dad
picture hanger, detail. this is for Avery to hang potholders and orders coming into her restaurant
cloth napkin found at World Market makes for the perfect dishtowel
pantry. I sewed new curtains b/c I didn't like the ones that came with it. From a Liberty London for Target scarf.
shadow box of newborn Avery and her hospital bracelet. also, pic frames to the right, waiting for new photos
egg cups, also from World Market. Perfect colors for her room.
I anticipated that these shelves would be hung in a couple of hours Saturday morning, when we started the project, but they didn't get finished until Sunday afternoon. We had to go back to the hardware store for different screws, and by that time we only had enough time to get one shelf up before Avery went down for a nap. Then, we had to readjust the height of the shelves a couple times when we punched a hole in the wall. In the end, I'd say Luke did a great job at this. We aren't exactly the DIY types, at least not in the home improvement area. Living in rentals for the past 5 and a half years hasn't afforded too many opportunities, either.

Today's project: the closet. Oh my!

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Kelly Mann said...

Looks great Meg!!! Super cute!