Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Splash Pad Holiday

We've never been big Memorial Day planners. If something interesting comes up, we'll attend. Otherwise, we enjoy Luke's day off of work quietly, but we're learning that kids make most everything more fun and they give us an excuse to enjoy things like splash pads.

We called up my sister and her hubby, picked up sandwiches, and headed out to Leander for some splash pad fun with Avery. She's been pool-shy this season, so we thought this would be more enjoyable for her (and it doesn't require a swimsuit for this preggo mama). It took her a few laps around the edge of the pad to become comfortable with the other kids and the water shooting up everywhere, but she eventually ventured in, tested the water with her toes, and then sat underneath one of the spray pipes. 
always finding something to climb on
milk and grilled cheese break

The men stayed in the shade, but the gals joined Avery for a bit, avoiding all major splash pipes and buckets. 
me looking quite a bit rounder than my sister - 25 weeks
Avery then caught sight of swings in the distance, so a quick change later, we headed over to the playground. 

We all crashed for a nap at my sister's in the afternoon before parting ways to get Avery fed and bathed and down for the night. Thanks for being spontaneous Nick and Shell!

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